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So busy working on 4new film projects,

The first being one is #no signal, about a group of teens camping in a farmer’s field with a tragic twist. Did some test shot of the tent in the studio just so we could control the lighting better, so that should be fun right? I also have some crazy ideas I might through at this where I might though is some of my photography as background and play with green screen.

Another more visual piece which I’m looking forward to getting started on, gives me a real chance to get creative with different lens and possibly even colours. I don’t want to give anything away with this project but all I’m going to say is

Third is a murder mystery called #who done what?, written by James Campbell I’ve worked with James before with #they rise, an awesome British zombie flick shot on DSLR, so I can already tell that this is going to be an awesome shoot.

 And possibly so visual for a Radio thing

#FMP, #final major project

Mixed media art of Corey Taylor and Paul Gray from Slipknot using:
Pencils F, 4B, 6B, old recycled newspapers (who said recycling wasn’t fun?) and abit of Photography for the background.

Inspiration for this piece was I had watched a documentary about Corey getting a tattoo of his best friend Paul who died, during getting the tattoo Corey broke down and started crying saying “he missed him” this kind of got to me emotionally as I started contemplating my own mortality so I really wanted to recreate that tight friendship bond and came up with this.

plus they were my favourite metal band growing up.

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Hi, my name is Craig Gordon (also known as Gandi) I’m 25 and I consider myself a mixed media artist. Although I am currently studying film at university, I enjoy making all types of weird art in my spear time and have previously gone to other art colleges. i created this page as an online portfolio of all my work, designed to get my work out there so people can view what i do and hopefully to get some feedback. 

"Some people become cops to make the world a better place, others become "artists" to make the world a better looking place"… banksey 
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